Many fitness programs and diets would lead you to believe that they are the sole solution for your weight loss or strength training needs. The truth is, there are many truths. In other words, what works for some may not work for you but there is a path to success for all.We will not solve all problems but hope to motivate and provide quality fitness and diet information that can be used and applied by every man or woman. We will strive to help you find your path to physical well being.


We all need to keep in mind that we are all dealt a different genetic "deck of cards". We can bend this deck and we can stack the deck with clean eating and some hard ass work in the gym. What we can't do is expect that any short amount of time on a program will get us to look like a lifetime sponsored bodybuilder or athlete. Use them as your fitsporation but don't get discouraged if you fail their programs or don't reach their level of aesthetics.The road to fitness is a long one. It is a slow burn. It has peaks and valleys. Don't get suckered in by click bait fitness. Take pointers from all of the accounts you follow and build the best program for YOUR life. Build your OWN image upon what is looking back at you in the mirror, not what you see on mag covers. 

Behind the Curtain 

Just a guy who likes to lift but also has other life type things 

Nick Nicolaysen

Fitness addict. That means sometimes I have to detox. Which I do about every 4 months or so. Nobodies perfect.